Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Sav...zzzzz

I respect you Mr. Franklin, I just don't have to like you right now. Your Daylight Saving scheme can be a bitter pill to swallow. It caused this morning's driver to veer moodily from lane to lane and narrowly avoid two rear end collisions.

It caused me to lie awake in bed 45 minutes before my alarm went off because I was paranoid about being late for work.

As my mind drifted from thought to thought, I recalled an old friend. Our long friendship ended abruptly and poorly. I remembered the Dear Jane letter he sent me years ago, a litany of petty grievances that was to be the last I heard from him.

I wondered if I still had the letter. It didn't seem like something I would throw away. It's good to hang on to some of the signposts from your life: not just the birthday cards and well wishes, but some cringe-inducing memorabilia that reminds you that you can be a real bastard.

After less looking than I anticipated, I found the letter. It hadn't packed the emotional sting I remembered. But it was, curiously, dated exactly 5 years to the day.

What bizarre confluence of events lead me to rediscover this letter exactly 5 years after it was written, I can't say. It probably has less to do with the twisted inner workings of my psyche and more to do losing out on a few hours of sleep.