Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vannies Ride Again

This morning, everyone on the van was in top form. Generic White Guy read aloud from his newspaper items he thought might be of interest to his fellow riders. Someone received a margarita machine from Santa and the cabin was suddenly abuzz with 'rita recipes. There was discussion of van sundries as in, "I don't have the gas card, do you have it? I gave it to you. I don't have it. Who has the gas card?" and so on.

There were also two college-age daughters riding to work with their moms. Coincidentally, they are both softball players. Now I don't know what the softball gals look like where you live, but all the ones I've ever met are stout and stocky and look like they could really fuck you up in a dark alley.

The two this morning were no exception.

I was briefly mesmerized by speed and efficiency with which one of them was able to type and send a text message. While my agile fingers can fly over a keyboard at a brisk clip, I morph into an arthritic hunt-and-peck typer with mild dyslexia when attempting to send a text message.

All of this morning's activity on the van sent me searching through my peppy music folder rather than for my usual maudlin sad-bastard tunes. I was in a state of pure pop induced bliss listening to The Cure's Boy's Don't Cry. While I harbor no American Idol-like fantasies (I have proudly never watched a single episode) and would not attempt to carry a note in the shower or in a bucket, if there was ever a song to make me squeeze my eyes shut, throw back my head, and indulge my inner chanteuse, this would be it.

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